LVT is pvc which stands for ‘polyvinyl chloride’, which is the basis for vinyl floors. Vinyl floors are usually called LVT floors in the world. LVT floors are growing rapidly because of the advantages of LVT compared to other types of floors.

  • The benefits include:
  • More durable and quieter than laminate floors
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More height-saving than parquet floors
  • More hygienic and maintenance-friendly than carpet
  • Warmer than natural stone
  • Safer than cast floors

In short, the floor covering with the most benefits! Below these advantages are explained and a comparison table of the different floors and legends can be seen.

More durable and quieter than laminate floors

In comparison with LVT floors , most laminate floors have a thin top layer. Most LVT floors are covered with a 0.3 mm top layer or a 0.55 top layer and a PU finish. This makes the LVT floors more durable. The LVT floors are, in contrast to the laminate floors, very quiet and sound-absorbing.

More environmentally friendly

LVT floors are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are fully recyclable. Floors that comply with the European regulation for chemical substances will receive a REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances) certificate. Sense LVT has obtained this certificate for all its products.

More height-saving than parquet floors

A LVT floor is on average 1 cm thinner than a parquet floor.

More hygienic and maintenance-friendly than carpet

A LVT floor is easy to maintain with a mop, vacuum cleaner or broom and does not require special maintenance. This is in contrast to carpet where stains are difficult to remove and the floor cannot be hygienically cleaned as easily.

Warmer than natural stone

Natural stone floors often feel cold. This is because natural stone floors cannot absorb ambient heat. The only way to get this floor warm is to take underfloor heating below. The LVT floors feel warm, even in the winter and without the use of underfloor heating. This is because LVT floors can absorb the temperature of the environment and the heat from above.

Safer than cast floors

The slip resistance of LVT floors is many times higher than the slip resistance of cast floors. The risk of slipping is therefore much smaller than with screed floors.

Comparison table for different floors and legends

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LVT Dryback 
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Laminate flooring 
Natural stone  
Moisture resistant 
Assemble yourself 
Underfloor heating suitable 
Running noise reduction 
Maintenance friendly 
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