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Sense room planner

NEW: The Sense room planner!

Curious about what the floor looks like in your situation? Upload a photo of the room and select a floor from the Sense collection. The new floor is projected directly as if it is already in the room!


Sense PVC Vloeren

A high-quality and comfortable floor with the appearance of real wood or natural stone? Reliable, sound-absorbing, waterproof, durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly? We offer suitable floors for every living and working environment.

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REACH certificering

Sense PVC floors are perfect for children because of the pure composition. The Sense floors have the official REACH certification and are even purer than toys!

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 Sense LVT Flooring 

… are luxury vinyl floors for both residential and commercial use.

Sense floors originated from our own design and production. The quality of finish, the natural appearance and   the pure composition predominate.


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Why Sense?

  • Extra wide planks

  • Extra PUR coating

  • Sound-absorbing and warm

  • Hygienic and maintenance friendly

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Wood decors

Natural decors with the look of real wood.

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Stone decors

Indistinguishable from real natural stone.

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Here you can see the most common questions we have received. Need more information? Please contact or go to one of our sales points.

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In principle, all LVT floors can be laid themselves. We recommend a dryback , which must be fully glued to the substrate, to be carried out by a professional. Pasting a dryback on the special underlay, Easyfix , is something you can do yourself. The leveling (leveling off with leveling off ) of the substrate must be carried out by a professional.

In apartments and upstairs apartments in the Netherlands there is an obligation to comply with a 10dB contact sound reduction. Our versions Click and WPC can be used here in combination with the Soundlezzz underfloor . Or the SPC in 4.4 mm thickness, to which the right underlay is attached. Certificates are available.

A dryback LVT floor can tolerate heavy objects. On a LVT floor with click system do not have to stand too heavy objects. On the one hand to protect the click system and on the other hand not to prevent the possible operation of the floor.

Our LVT floors are fire retardant and fall into the class Bfl-S1.

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